SAS Advantage

Global Standards under one certification

“SAS Standard” comprise global standards followed by most the countries around the world thus having SAS certificate is the passport to possibilities in the world market.

Traceability at Every step

We at SAS implement state of art digital platform which enables an end-user to be aware of the product he or she is using and also provides a transparent mechanism for the farmer, certificate agency, and SAS auditors at every step of the end-to-end process.

Support Wealth out of Waste Vision

In the process of achieving our “better health for consumers and better wealth for farmers” vision, SAS standards help a farmer to do efficient waste management so that he/she can generate wealth out of it and at the same time contribute to carbon reduction.

Simple and Efficient process

We believe that complexity can reduce the opportunity hence we made SAS certification process very simple and straightforward however we do not compromise the quality or integrity of the product.

Local for Global

SAS promotes agriculture products on the global stage through our multiple digital platforms and marketing team.


We are in process of preparing and conducting training programs on “Sustainable Agriculture” and “Recycling Organic Waste” around the world.

Third-party assurance

As a third-party assurance service, we do SWOT analysis at starting of the project, monitor every step through the use of technology, and raise the flag whenever there is any deviation from the agreed quality and defined processes, our team also suggests time-to-time improvements.

Advanced testing labs

Our affiliated testing labs are well equipped with modern testing techniques and provide time-bounded services for different commodities. Not only are the testing parameters identical to any well-known standards but we also customize benchmarking (in a more restrictive form) as per the buyer’s requirement.

Customize pricing plans

Lower audit, testing, and certification cost – One cost for the entire process. Multiple label options for a single project. Custom pricing is based on parameters like a selected commodity, certification label, geography, social impact, etc.

Team of highly skilled auditors

We are a professionally managed private organization hence the selection criteria to become a SAS auditor are tough from a skill and education standpoint. We believe being an auditor is a very responsible position hence we prefer experienced people from geodiversity.